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Boost your employees’ capabilities and engagement.

Powered by AI. Fully controlled by Humans.

Our platform manages engagement and capabilities, enabling your employees to be the best version of themselves while you build a high-performance, futureproof organization in the age of Generative AI.

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Adding value to all stakeholders

The success of your organization is determined by whether your employees are willing and capable. We at Elendi address both and drive them to new heights, transforming a challenging environment into an opportunity to seize. Elendi helps your organization mobilize employees and adjust to the evolution of work, benefiting all stakeholders.

employees empowerment


Your employees are empowered to carve their path in the organization. They make their voices heard and take their development journey into their own hands, with personalized support.

equiped manager


Your managers are equipped to inspire and coach their teams. With access to relevant data, they can put in place the environment and the capabilities leading to success.

HR manager

Human Resources

Your HR team steers

engagement and capabilities

to achieve the short-term strategic objectives, while futureproofing the organization.

«Thanks to Elendi's engagement module, we were able to reinforce the connection between our values and our daily actions. The feedback enabled us to listen, identify the most significant drivers enhancing the experience of each co-worker, and act accordingly, thereby concretely embodying our values.»

Vincent POUSSIER - Managing Director, Groupe Interaction

Three paradigm changes. A unique result.

The Power of GenAI to Augment Humans

Expert and secure use of generative AI to deliver powerful, hyper-personalized, and actionable insights.

Present and Future
of Work

Current and future-proof frameworks to navigate the evolving landscape of work and skills.

Ensuring Buy-in

A platform designed first and foremost for the benefit and development of employees.


Start with one module.
Combine the two. As and when you need it.

elendi's platform
Typical use cases
  • Building hard / soft capability
  • Building management capabilities
  • Managing annual reviews
  • Strategic Workforce Planning


An end-to-end personalized development journey
  • Dynamic capability frameworks
  • AI-augmented multimodal capability assessments
  • Capability development planning & monitoring
  • Managerial support for reviews
  • Capability mapping and alerts

Our founders

A relentless effort to impact individuals and organizations

Twenty years out of INSEAD, Bernard and Mito created with Elendi the platform they would have liked to have as business leaders, for themselves and their teams, while harnessing recent advances of technology and Generative AI. Soon joined by Victor, our founders and the team they gathered benefit from considerable experience in the fields of business leadership, learning and development, tech and data.

Bernard Golstein


Co-founder and CEO

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Mito Mackin


Co-founder and CPO

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Victor Andrieu


Co-founder and CTO

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