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Enhancing engagement and capabilities

An organization’s success is fueled by a capable and engaged workforce.  But times are tough : nine out of ten companies claim they have or will shortly have a capability gap; and one third of employees are considering changing jobs within a year. 

Elendi builds capabilities and engagement in your company. It helps your people identify critical areas of growth, create a continuous learning habit, and heighten engagement by making their voices count.  

How does this work?  With the elendi SaaS platform, each employee can take their learning and growth into their own hands.  Managers can act upon the insights to encourage and facilitate their team’s development while honing their own leadership skills through the platform.  HR can monitor and steer the engagement levels across the organization, and ensure that strategic capabilities are built to meet the organizational goals. 


Drive their learning and development, with the help of a learning companion

  • Drive their own growth based on their goals and capabilities

  • Uncover blind spots and get personalized learning recommendations

  • Have their voices heard in the organization

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Inspire and coach their team

  • Ensure the right skillsets are built in the team

  • Support employee development for current and future positions

  • Enhance team's engagement in moments that matter

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Human Resources

Steer the organizational capabilities and engagement towards higher business performance

  • Drive capability building to meet short and long-term goals

  • Increase engagement 

  • Tap directly into the sentiment and voices of the employees

  • Develop diversity and inclusion

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Solution modules

We bring engagement and capability building together to form a virtuous cycle


Capability building


  • Assess critical capabilities on current or future roles

  • Monitor and encourage learning progression

  • Review organizational capabilities against strategic objectives


  • Uncover gaps and blindspots to drive growth

  • Find opportunities to leverage employee’s strengths

  • Understand organizational strengths and weaknesses


  • Provide personalized learning recommendations 

  • Reinforce learning with neuroscience-based learning best practices

  • Create lifelong learning habits

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  • Measure state and drivers of engagement

  • Monitor engagement trends around moments that matter

  • Review impact of critical activities


  • Uncover key engagement levers and inhibitors

  • Find opportunities to correct or enhance levers

  • Highlight critical gaps and misalignments


  • Provide personalized recommendations to heighten engagement

  • Help managers inspire, coach and develop their teams

  • Allow HR and management to engage in an intelligent two-way dialogue


Why elendi

Exceptional user buy-in

Users benefit from immediate value-added. They also enjoy a unique experience with an engaging conversational agent, . modular and progressive processes.

Utmost attention to data privacy

Engineered with confidentiality, security and data privacy at the very center of  everything elendi does.

Backed by science

To help drive behavioral change, elendi's design embeds key features informed by learning and behavioral-change science, and neuroscience.

Speed of implementation

Minimal time to deployment and fast time to discovery.  elendi provides actionable insights from the first few interactions. 

Personalization at scale with AI

Artificial Intelligence power elendi's conversational agent and recommendation engine to provide a personalized learning experience.

Global scalability


elendi is natively multilingual. Our solution can follow you across boundaries, wherever your talent resides.


Our story

United in our passion for life-long learning and engagement

Accelerating technological change and global disruptions pose daunting challenges to individuals and organizations. Mito and Bernard started elendi to future-proof people and help them perform to the very best of their abilities, thereby also transforming the organizations they work for.

Our founders have a combined experience in excess of 50 years in business leadership and Learning & Development. They bring a deep understanding of the business need for capability-building and engagement, and the way to get it done.



Co-founder and CEO

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Co-founder and CPO

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François CORDIER



Full stack developer

Head of analytics

Designer UX/UI


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Romain MAURY

Full stack developer

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