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Discover our clients success stories for both engagement and capabilities 

Success stories

Client elendi - Groupe interaction


Groupe Interaction

Employment solutions, overseeing 200 offices across France. With 950 staff, they facilitate seamless recruitment and guidance for 20,000+ temporary workers daily, fostering growth through strategic acquisitions and expansions.

Client elendi - Calyxia

Engagement - Capabilities


Pioneering green chemistry with biodegradable micro-encapsulation. Established in 2015 with 25 years of R&D expertise (Oxford and ESPCI), driving hyper-growth with a dedicated team of over a hundred.

Client elendi - Novade

Engagement - Capabilities


Novade is a global leader in providing construction management software.  They provide digitized site processes including quality, safety, progress monitoring, workforce management and maintenance.

Client elendi - Verkor

Engagement - Capabilities


Established in 2020, Verkor is committed to invigorating low-carbon footprint battery production in France. Boasting a team of 350 experienced and multicultural collaborators, amassing over 1200 years of battery expertise.


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