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French Tech 2030 Laureate

  • Green chemistry company [Biodegradable micro-encapsulation]

  • Established in 2015, built on 25 years of R&D (Oxford and ESPCI)

  • Over a hundred employees

  • Hyper-growth company

Client elendi - Calyxia

The challenge

Calyxia's HR Director early on expressed a strong determination to implement best practices in human resources within the company, recognizing the significance of effective and well-structured HR management for its growth and success.

Under his leadership, Calyxia demonstrated the eagerness to swiftly adopt a feedback culture, aiming to establish an open and constructive dialogue across various hierarchical levels and among colleagues. Furthermore, the company expressed its desire to establish a continuous upskilling policy, placing the employee at the core of their learning journey.

Each of these initiatives was conceived with the intention of structuring HR processes, including for instance the implementation  of skills frameworks and development interviews.


Lastly, Calyxia conveyed its aspiration to bolster its employer branding through engagement and skill enhancement initiatives.

"In our capability building process, the skills assessment provided by the Elendi platform served as an excellent preparation for annual reviews. The innovative solution for colleague feedback is also a key element in competency development. Lastly, the company-wide perspective proved highly valuable in implementing training and coaching."

Christophe Wielgosik - HR Director, Calyxia

The solution

Calyxia implemented Elendi's Engagement and Competency modules in quick succession.

In both cases, a co-construction process, favored by the company, was adopted: presentation to the Executive Committee and then to the entire managerial layer, involvement of stakeholders in the design (of frameworks and surveys) based on a groundwork proposed by Elendi, weekly monitoring of progress, and interim working sessions.

The solutions were rolled out across all employees. Summaries and results presentations were conducted at the managerial level, and then managers presented to their respective teams to closely align with operational reality. The implementation of the Capabilities module was followed by the annual performance and development reviews, which were separated on that occasion.

During deployment, additional training was provided at Calyxia's request: for instance how to conduct an annual review, or how to provide feedback.

Since the initial deployment campaign, the solutions are systematically introduced to all new hires. Numerous new modules and functionalities developed on the platform are also adopted upon release.

"Elendi demonstrates a strong customer-centric approach, always attentive to our requests, and embraces a co-construction approach to solutions. Elendi responds very promptly to all our inquiries, displaying remarkable responsiveness and impeccable customer support."

Christophe Wielgosik - HR Director, Calyxia

The results

  • Co-creation of a competency framework

  • Very high response rate (over 90%), achieved in a very short span of weeks

  • Rich and clear insights

  • Individual realizations

  • Detailed team-specific results

  • Implementation of actions for Engagement and Capabilities

In summary

Clarity, granularity (departments and teams), richness of insights.

Strong customer orientation: always attentive and highly responsive; flexibility and great capacity to respond. Excellent follow-up and customer support.

Rapid deployment and highly appreciated "extras": training on annual reviews, on ChatGPT, etc...

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