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Groupe Interaction
Freedom to be and grow together

  • Founded in 1991 in Rennes by Loïc Gallerand, Groupe Interaction is a specialist in employment services, covering temporary to permanent positions.

  • The group comprises of a network of 200 agencies and offices across France.

  • Currently, it employs 950 collaborators and manages the recruitment and supervision of over 20,000 temporary workers on a daily basis.

  • The company's growth has been accelerated through acquisitions and the opening of new agencies.

Elendi's client - Groupe Interaction

The challenge

The Group's purpose is based on a promise: "Freedom to be and grow together." This commitment is conveyed by all managers, whether in agencies or offices. Each employee in the company is referred to as "co-actor," emphasizing the significance of each individual and their crucial role in co-creating the company's future. While numerous initiatives have been launched within the organization to ensure this philosophy is deeply ingrained, there was still a missing element:

  • To measure the satisfaction level of the co-actors

  • To quantitatively identify the key satisfaction drivers across the entire Group, as well as within operational units (such as regions)

  • To actively involve every co-actor in generating ideas and suggestions

Though the intention to foster the personal growth of each co-actor and support them throughout the process has always been present, the lack of an efficient means to accurately, objectively, and measurably collect their feedback made it challenging to determine the right course of action.

Furthermore, the organizational structure of the company added an additional layer of complexity.

"At Groupe Interaction, we were seeking a way to reinforce and implement our company's mission, "Freedom to be and grow together," in our daily endeavors. Thanks to Elendi's engagement module, we were able to strengthen the connection between our values and our everyday actions. The feedback received allowed us to listen and identify the most significant drivers for improving the experience of each team member, and act accordingly, thus illustrating our values in a tangible manner." 
Vincent Poussier - CEO, Groupe Interaction

The solution

The Interaction Group has decided to implement Elendi's Engagement module to enable every co-actor to express themselves, measure and understand the key motivational factors, and grasp critical trends by region.

The key factors that triggered the selection of Elendi are as follows:

  • The ability for rapid deployment (within a few weeks)

  • An attractive user interface to ensure a positive co-actor experience throughout the process

  • A rich and clear dashboard that facilitates focusing on key actions

  • The availability of an intelligent synthesis of all qualitative feedback, allowing for the identification of key themes expressed by our co-actors

  • The support and availability of Elendi throughout the process as an expert and project partner.

"Throughout the process, Elendi has been an excellent partner. From the outset, they attentively listened to our needs and provided expert guidance on the optimal approach to deploying the solution. Thanks to their partnership and support, we were able to efficiently implement the solution with limited resources within the Group, while achieving an impressive participation rate. The entire process was well executed and well managed."
Marie-Jo Hoyet - Human Resources Manager, Groupe Interaction

The results

  • High participation rate: Participation rate significantly exceeding 85%

  • Clarity on the state of engagement: Several information sessions were conducted to share results with managerial layer on overall Engagement, drivers and limiters across the company

  • Detailed team-specific results: Managers were able to understand the common key motivators and highlight unique differences within their teams, enabling them to refine their action plans.   

  • Prioritized follow-up actions: Identification of three areas for action at the company level based on the data. Formation of a company-wide task force responsible for developing detailed action plans for the identified key areas.

In summary

Clarity, depth of insights to identify key actions, and an excellent user interface.

Highly effective support throughout the process: Elendi's constant availability as an expert partner.

Swift deployment while allowing the Client to allocate limited resources.


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